Tire and Wheel Alignment

When a vehicle’s alignment is off, your ability to drive safely is compromised. Sometimes a mis-aligned vehicle can be obvious, if your car pulls left or right on the road or if your car wants to dart to one side or the other when your tires catch the ruts in the road. Sometimes an alignment issue can be less obvious and over time can cause your tires to wear excessively on the edges. A correct alignment will ensure safe driving and proper tire wear. If you think your tire and wheel alignment may be off, take your German vehicle to the experts at AutoHaus Boulder for a 4-wheel alignment.

Alignment Check

  • Vehicle Inspection – including suspension and steering systems, checking and correcting tire air pressure and checking tire condition
  • Vehicle is placed on the alignment rack, where wireless imaging camera heads are mounted on the wheels/ tires and measure the current alignment specs
  • Current tire alignment specs are printed for review