Volkswagen Scheduled Factory Maintenance

Volkswagen’s maintenance schedules vary dependent upon the year, model and engine of your vehicle. It is important to stay up on your Volkswagen’s normal maintenance, as it is critical to the longevity of your Volkswagen. AutoHaus of Boulder provides the inspection, repair and replacement of every component on your Volkswagen per what the Manufacturer recommends at each service interval. Every Volkswagen also receives a complimentary inspection checking fluids, suspension, drivetrain components, belts, battery, tires, brakes, windshield wipers, bulbs and lighting.

In addition, our trained ASE Volkswagen technicians will perform a full diagnostic scan of all the modules in your Volkswagen. We will recommend services and repairs in accordance with our knowledge and the factory’s scheduled maintenance. Please refer to your service booklet in your Volkswagen for specific mileage-based maintenance services or simply call us to discuss at (303) 468-1166.

Volkswagen Oil and Filter Change

Bringing your Volkswagen to AutoHaus of Boulder means you will always get a full and comprehensive oil service. More than your average oil change at a quick lube facility, AutoHaus of Boulder provides both conventional oil and synthetic oil dependent on your Volkswagen’s engine. Turbocharged engines require synthetic oil to preserve the life of your car as the engine is designed to run with synthetic motor oil.

In addition to oil and filter changes, AutoHaus of Boulder will perform a full inspection of your Volkswagen including topping off tire air pressure to spec and all fluids with factory grade fluids. Our Volkswagen inspections don’t end there as we perform the appropriate factory maintenance check including lubing door hinges, cleaning sunroofs and cowl drains. Most importantly, we scan all fault memory and will always reset the ever-annoying factory service reminder. We pride ourselves on our work and want you to drive away feeling confident and safe.

Volkswagen Tune Up

By following your Volkswagen’s maintenance schedule can help keep your vehicle reliable longer and maintain its resale value. AutoHaus of Boulder has Volkswagen maintenance schedules at our fingertips, allowing us to make sure we keep your Volkswagen on the recommended maintenance schedule. It is important to keep up with oil changes and other more major service such as changing filters and spark plugs in order to keep your car running at peak performance.

Volkswagen Driveability Problems

When it comes to being an Volkswagen owner, one of the most frustrating things that tends to happen over time is that of having a dashboard light illuminate with no real indication as to what may be causing the problem. We drive Volkswagen’s every day and understand how they should run and feel on the road. Our trained ASE technicians the ability to diagnose and fix and misfires or rough running that may occur with your vehicle over time.

From check engine lights to uncommon engine noise, AutoHaus of Boulder has seen or heard it before and can easily fix the problem. Surprisingly, you can be experiencing drivability problems without the check engine illuminated. That is why you can always bring your Volkswagen to AutoHaus of Boulder, and we will check your Volkswagen, giving you an honest evaluation of the current “state of tune” of your Volkswagen.

Volkswagen Brake Repair

We recommend that you get your brakes checked at least once a year or especially before going on a long road trip. If you hear any weird or unusual noises when you hit the brake pedal, it’s time for a check-up. We provide this check “free of charge”.

Depending on how you drive your Volkswagen, we recommend bringing your Volkswagen into AutoHaus of Boulder every 30,000 to 60,000 miles to get your Volkswagen’s breaks inspected. AutoHaus of Boulder offers all original equipment, OE and aftermarket options to repair your Volkswagen’s breaks.

Recommended by almost all manufacturers including Volkswagen to have a break fluid flush performed every two years. Over time, brake fluid collects moisture that lowers the boiling temperature, which is critical for your system to provide the needed brake pressure to stop your vehicle.

Volkswagen Used Car Evaluations

We provide Volkswagen used car evaluations for customers looking to buy a used car. It is important to have a vehicle checked before you buy it, so you do not get a vehicle that as unknown lingering issues. We perform a comprehensive inspection of the vehicle to give you as much information as possible so you can make an educated decision on the car you would like to buy.

We look at every component possible, scan all electrical systems and give you our best opinion on the current condition of the vehicle.

Volkswagen Alternators, Batteries and Starters

If your Volkswagen isn’t starting or charging, you will not be driving it. The battery provides the power to the starter and electronics when you turn the key to start your Volkswagen.

The starter, once provided with power, is what turns your engine over to get it to start-up and run. Alternators provide the power to the vehicle and keeps the battery charged once the engine is running.

These systems should be checked yearly, especially in Colorado where we get extreme temperature changes. We provide free inspection for your starting and charging system so you can have the peace of mind that your Volkswagen will start-up every time especially in the frigid winter temperatures.

Volkswagen Extended Warranty Repair

Many of our customers have an extended warranty that they purchased either when their factory warranty expired or when they bought their Volkswagen used. We can work with any after-market extended warranty and make sure your Volkswagen continues to run properly without taking a bite out of your wallet or taking it to the dealer.

Volkswagen Muffler’s and Performance Exhaust Systems

Is your Volkswagen louder than it should to be? If so, then it is time to bring your vehicle into AutoHaus of Boulder to get inspected. Offering both exhaust repair for rusted out or broken exhaust systems and APR performance options. We can repair broken exhaust welds and blown out gaskets, getting you back on the road feeling confident in driving your Volkswagen.

Most manufacturers including Volkswagen leave plenty of room for improvement when it comes to horsepower and torque. That’s not to say that these vehicles are poorly made, but many companies will choose the least expensive alternative when it comes to items such as exhaust systems.

An aftermarket performance exhaust from APR can free some of the power in your engine. APR performance exhaust systems allow a quicker and more efficient path for exhaust gases to escape. This means your engine “breathes” better, so spent fuel and air exit the combustion chambers faster, resulting in a more efficient engine that creates more power when you buzz over the mountain passes.

AutoHaus of Boulder can install performance APR and other brand’s cat-back and turbo-back exhaust systems to increase the performance of your Volkswagen.

Volkswagen Steering and Suspension

Your Volkswagen’s steering and suspension should be inspected yearly or before you go on any long road trips. At AutoHaus of Boulder, we perform this every time you bring your Volkswagen into our shop for free as this is an apart of our Free Safety Analysis inspection for all of our customers.

Our trained ASE Volkswagen technicians will check your suspension components including tie rod ends, steering rack, power steering pump and hose, power steering fluid in addition to control arms, bushings, ball joints and wheel bearings. If you hear weird noises when you drive over bumps or simply turning into a parking space, bring your Volkswagen to AutoHaus of Boulder, and we will find the problem and fix it.

Volkswagen Fuel System Service

Volkswagen’s have very complicate and advance fuel systems, and it is recommended to get these checked and maintained regularly, keeping Volkswagen’s at peak performance and fuel economy.

Did you know that most of today’s vehicles have two fuel pumps? One fuel pump is in the fuel tank, and the other high-pressure fuel pump is bolted to the engine.

We check these fuel pumps and the entire fuel system clean the system with fuel injector cleaner with each service. We will recommend which service is due for your Volkswagen dependent upon your mileage and past service history.

Volkswagen Coolant Systems

Coolant and oil are the lifeblood of any engine. Just like brake systems, coolant should be flushed every two years. We can pair a coolant flush with any of your Volkswagen factory maintenance service to keep you up-to-date and ready for those extreme temperatures.

Our trained ASE Volkswagen technicians will inspect your entire cooling system and hoses of your Volkswagen every time you bring your vehicle in for service.

Volkswagen Air Conditioning Service

Air conditioning is a key component to staying comfortable in the scorching summer heat. We can service your Volkswagen’s air conditioning system by evacuating the system to measure the amount of R134 Freon that is in the system; that allows the air conditioning system to cool properly.

Our service also includes re-charging your air conditioning system with the specified amount of Freon and installing dyed oil so that if there is a leak in the system in the future we will have a trail to follow to find the leak.

Our trained ASE Volkswagen technicians will test your system to make sure it is cooling to the proper temperature. If there is a problem with the system, our technicians are trained to diagnose the issue and replace the appropriate components to fix your Volkswagen’s air conditioning system.

Volkswagen Timing Belt Service

One of the most important components of your Volkswagen’s engine, the timing belt keeps the internal components of the engine spinning in perfect correlation with each other. If the timing belt in your Volkswagen breaks, the result causes the valves and pistons to contact each other, making them bend and possibly crack which leads to a very expensive repair.

To prevent this, AutoHaus of Boulder can replace the timing belt and associated components before they become an issue. Depending on your Volkswagen’s service interval, timing belts should be replaced every 75 to 90 thousand miles. Replacing your Volkswagen’s timing belt is extremely important and should not be postponed past the recommended service interval.